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Team Biographies

Professor Counter is the coordinator of Conticon's human, documentary and training resources, and was its founder.

He is a Devonian, with wide experience of contract and business management in a number of areas of the world, including especially the Far East and numerous European countries. He was a Professor in Canada and in Malaysia, and Dean of a law school in London.

In common with many academics in recent times, and in common with his Conticon associates, he is a man of great practical experience, has acted as an international arbitrator and is a committee member of the International Bar Association.

Professor Counter's monthly comments

We are running courses on international contract negotiation, drafting, execution and management in various centres. Please contact us for details, or let us know your particular requirements

Please get in touch on any matters of concern with language, culture or law, as we specialise in building effective bridges.

Please feel free to contact either email address if there are any matters I or our team could explain, clarify or take forward for you.